Pre-Order Specials!

Here's a list of all the Bonus Items that come with the Call of the Forsaken expansion (images below)!

  • Vestments of the Forsaken (Mercenary Chest Armor) - Only Available with Pre-Order!
  • Journeyman's Pocketed Rucksack (32 Slot Bag)
  • Gargoyle Statue (House and Yard Item)
  • Tirun House Pet / Familiar
  • Painting: Naythox Thex
  • Painting: Cristanos Thex
  • Mark of Neriak (Neriak Neon Sign)
  • Honeycomb Satchel (36 Slot Bag) - Collector's Edition Only
  • Hive of the Bixie (Bixie Honeycomb House) - Collector's Edition Only
  • Mount: Ethernere Wurm - Collector's Edition Only
  • Contract of the Bixie (Bixie Mercenary) - Collector's Edition Only

Vestments of the Forsaken:

Gargoyle Statue:

Turn House Pet / Familiar:

Painting: Naythox Thex:

Painting: Cristanos Thex:

Mark of Neriak:

Hive of the Bixie:

Mount: Ethernere Wurm:

Contract of the Bixie: