Disciples Dragonstaff - Monk 2HB

Surefall Outrider Longbow - Ranger Bow

Guardsman's Battle Club - Cleric, Druid, Shaman 2HB

Phantom Spear - Paladin, Shadowknight 2HP

Em'ath, Stave of Agony - Warrior, Paladin, Ranger, Shadowknight, Monk, Beastlord, Berserker 2HB

Flame Etched Halberd - Warrior, Paladin, Ranger, Shadowknight, Berserker 2HS

Emerald-Encrusted Club - Necromancer, Wizard, Magician, Enchanter 1HB

Ethereal Scepter - Cleric, Druid, Shaman 1HB

Bloodletting Epee - Rogue 1HP

Ethereal Steel Axe - Paladin, Shadowknight 1HS

Cerulean Thumper - Warrior 1HB

Tu'gar, the Eternal Grudge - Monk, Beastlord H2H

Wentera's Sharpened Branch - Warrior, Ranger, Bard, Rogue, Beastlord 1HP

Ethergem Skullmasher - Warrior, Ranger, Monk, Bard, Rogue, Beastlord 1HB

Broadaxe of the Bixies - Warrior, Ranger, Bard, Rogue 1HS