10/4/2013 And finally, it's time for a look at the weapon graphics in EverQuest Call of the Forsaken! We added 2 new pages to the preview section - Group Weapons and Raid Weapons graphics previews!
10/2/2013 Be sure to check out our new zone preview pages for the upcoming EverQuest Call of the Forsaken expansion! Today we added zone previews for Neriak Fourth Gate, The Dead Hills, and Bixie Warfront!
9/26/2013 NDA was lifted today for EverQuest Call of the Forsaken, and the Test server was patched with new expansion data! We updated our Test server spell database with all the new spells and spell changes, you can see a complete list of the changes and additions Here! We also added a page for each class in this preview section which links to each of the new spells each class will have access to with EverQuest Call of the Forsaken!
9/24/2013 We finally have an official launch date for EverQuest Call of the Forsaken! Beta will officially close on October 7th, and EverQuest Call of the Forsaken will launch the following day, October 8th! More info Here!
9/23/2013 Today SOE shows us some images and a story for a zone in EverQuest Call of the Forsaken - The Western Plains of Karana!
9/17/2013 We finally got images of some of the EverQuest Call of the Forsaken Pre-Order goodies! Check them out on the Bonus Items page!
8/23/2013 Call of the Forsaken Pre-Orders are available!
8/21/2013 Call of the Forsaken Beta officially begins.
8/15/2013 Call of the Forsaken Beta Signups go live.
8/01/2013 SOE Live brings us our first peek at Call of the Forsaken.


Call of the Forsaken is EverQuests 20th expansion pack! Beta started in mid August, and the expansion is scheduled to launch in late September. Pre-orders are available at https://everquest.com

Call of the Forsaken will allow Norrathians to explore for the first time zones that have always existed in EverQuest, but were never accessible.

Quote: Phathom, SOE Live Keynote Address
"The story begins with a series of cataclysmic events originating in West Karana. These events have lead to an abrupt arrival of a powerful dragon that has traveled there through another thread, or dimension. Her name is Lady Lendiniara. Her arrival has torn through an invisible seam that binds countless realities together, and now it is exposing what ancient texts refer to as Ethernere. Without knowing why or how she arrived, Norrathians are prophesizing that this might be the end of times. Many are viewing her as a threat. As this is occuring, many Norrathians are uniting to confront this dragon invader. They want to find out if she is friend or foe, but one thing is for certain - they found out she did not travel there alone. As you travel there, you are going to be coming through zones that have always existed since the begining of time."

  • Mercenary Alternate Advancements (AAs) - More Info
  • Mercenary Gear - More Info
  • Heroic Adventures - More Info
  • Shared Bank Slots (2)
  • More Spells, Alternate Advancements (AAs) and Gear
  • New Raids
  • New Tradeskills
  • New Hero's Forge Armor
  • Several New Zones Including West Karana, Neriak 4th Gate, Bixie Warfront and the Deadhills!
  • There will be 4 zones at launch, with more content releases in the future (similar to the Rain of Fear content releases)
  • Future CotF content releases will be free of charge for those who have purchased the Call of the Forsaken expansion
  • First content release planned for January 2014