Heroic Adventures

Quote: Everquest.com
"Mission style content that allow for unique experiences each time you play through them, including a chance at new loot, rares, and currency you can collect and spend at special merchants!" Quote: Elidroth, EverQuest Community Forums
"Heroic Adventures are not going to change based upon what classes you bring, but they can sale based upon level, but only yo the highest level character in your group. Merck ARE allowed into heroic adventures and in fact were tuning them around the 2 player, 2 merc group."

  • A series of hand crafted scenarios
  • Similar to LDoN
  • The Adventure is created when your group enters the zone. The Adventure is crafted around your group makeup.
  • Adventure objective, power level, passageways, and loot are all created at the time your group enters the Adventure.
  • Designed in hopes that each time players enter a Heroic Adventure that it will be a unique experience.

Mercenary Alternate Advancement

Quote: Everquest.com
"A specialized line of AAs that will enable players to customize the skills of mercenaries and make them even more powerful."

Quote: Elidroth, EverQuest Community Forums
"Merc AA start at level 20 to get you into the system, but those increases are very small, and you won't get into the higher powered stuff until later."

  • Mercenary AA's will be passive, not activated
  • Mercenary AA's you purchase will be usable across all the Mercenarys you own

Mercenary Gear

Quote: Everquest.com
"The ability for player to manage Mercenary equipment and provide them with powerful weapons and armor."

  • You will get a free Mercenary Chest piece with the Call of the Forsaken Pre-Order