Currently planned to launch on February 12th is a new feature - Global Explorer (Journeyman's Speed). This feature rewards you with a boost to your run speed (or a boost to other movement related abilities for a few classes that already have boosted run speed). To earn this reward, you must explore the amazing world of Norrath far and wide!

Every zone in Norrath will now have an explorers achievement for entering the zone. This may sound (and for most probably is) pretty overwhelming, but it comes with a great reward (as if exploring all of the magic Norrath has to offer wasn't enough of a reward!). Here is a reward list, as posted on the EQLive boards by Dzarn:

Quote Dzarn:
"There are a total of 5 ranks that have the following effects:

  • For monks: each rank will reduce the reuse time of your Neshika's Blink ability by 1 second.
  • For bards: each rank will reduce the reuse time of your Lyre Leap ability by 1 second.
  • For rangers: each rank will reduce the reuse time of a future leap ability by 1 second.
  • For the remaining classes each rank will increase your base run speed by 1.7%:

This will result in rogues having the equivalent of "Run 7" and other classes having the equivalent of "Run 6"."

The system works like this: Each expansion (minus Call of the Forsaken) has an overall explorer achievement, and the base "EverQuest" achievement section contains 1 as well. You earn completion of each expansions achievement by exploring all of the content within the expansion (simply entering each of the zones). The first time you complete one of these achievements you will receive a Journeyman's Compass:

Clicking this compass will calculate how many of the 20 explorer achievements you have completed. For every 4 explorer achievements you have completed, you will gain 1 rank of your classes AA reward, up to 5 ranks for completing them all!