Shadow Knight AA's

Hastened Forceful Rejuvenation 7

Upgrade to Hastened Forceful Rejuvenation
Spell Casting Mastery 4

Upgrade to Spell Casting Mastery
Extended Enroaching Darkness 1-3

This passive ability extends the duration of Enroaching Darkness by 2 ticks per rank.
Extended Provocation for Power 1

This passive ability extends the duration of Provocation for Power by 1 tick per rank. NOTE: This will NOT affect the recourse abilities.
Gift of the Quick Spear 1

This ability, when activated, allows any direct damage spell to allow your next Spear line spell level 85 or greater to be twincast. NOTE: The Spear line will not cause this ability to proc.
Hastened Hates Attraction 4-6

Upgrade to Hastened Hates Attraction
Hastened Leech Touch 6-8

Upgrade to Hastened Leech Touch
Hastened Visage of Death 7-9

Upgrade to Hastened Visage of Death
Helix of the Undying 1

This ability, when activated upon an undead enemy, causes the target to suffer greatly reduced combat ability from reduced strength, armor, dexterity, and agility, as well as reduced melee speed.
Purity of Death 1

This ability, when activated, attempts to purge your body of detrimental disease or poison effects.
Quickened Scourge Skin 1-3

This passive ability reduces the cast time of Scourge Skin. Rank 1 reduces the cast time by 10 percent, rank 2 by 25 percent, and rank 3 by 50 percent.
Soul Abrasion 13

Upgrade to Soul Abrasion
Theft of Life 20-22

Upgrade to Theft of Life
Twinproc 6

Upgrade to Twinproc
Vicious Bite of Chaos 4

Upgrade to Vicious Bite of Chaos
Voice of Thule 2

Upgrade to Voice of Thule
Willful Death 11-15

Upgrade to Willful Death

Shadow Knight Spells and Disciplines

Unholy Guardian Discipline

A new level 97 discipline. It can be found under Disciplines->Timer 16. It lowers incoming melee damage from all skills, but also lowers the players melee damage (all skills) and lowers the chance for the player to have critical melee strikes. This discipline lasts for two minutes and has a 12 minute refresh on timer 16. It also triggers Unholy Guardian Effect on the player.
Unholy Guardian Effect

is a three minute buff (intentionally longer than the discipline that triggers it). It adds Unholy Guardian Lifetap as a proc when the player uses the block or bash skills.
Unholy Guardian Lifetap

is a lifetap that deals damage. It has a caster level for focus purposes but is not memorized directly. It has been added to the spell group that is affected by Shadowknight lifetap-enhancing AAs, which may require further balancing.
Repugnant Bargain

A new level 99 PBAE disease damage spell. It has a .75 second cast time and a 30 second refresh on timer 5, it shares with the single target disease nuke Spear of Grelleth (34745-47). It can be found under Direct Damage->Disease. It has a high hate override. Though it has a low mana cost, it will reflect Repugnant Reflection back on the caster for each target it hits.
Repugnant Reflection

is a self-target spell. It drains mana and endurance from the caster. This effect should fire on the caster for each target hit by Repugnant Bargain.
Reflexive Rancor

A new level 100 skill. It can be found under Combat Abilities->Offensive. It deals three 2hs skill attacks (Lower damage in PvP) to the target. It has a 10 minute refresh on timer 18. It reflects Reflected Rancor on the casters group.
Reflected Rancor

is an instant group heal. It does not focus.