Rogue AA's

Hastened Twisted Chance Discipline 5-7

Upgrade to Hastened Twisted Chance Disc
Hastened Counterattack Discipline 1-4

Each rank of this ability shortens the reuse time of your Counterattack Discipline ability by 4 minutes.
Hastened Purge Poison 1-3

This passive ability reduces the reuse timer on your Purge Poison ability by 10 percent per rank.
Furious Onslaught 1-3

Each rank of this ability improves the damage inflicted by the Onslaught line of abilities.
Mrylokars Rigor 1-3

This passive ability adds a weapon proc on backstab which increases all weapon damage for a short time. Each rank increases the chance to proc and the damage added.
Absorbing Agent 1

This ability sprays your target with an absorbing agent, increasing incoming damage slightly for a short period of time.
Twinproc 6

Upgrade to Twinproc

Rogue Spells and Disciplines

Venomous Spike Trap

A level 96 upgrade of Poison Spikes Trap (8471). It spawns an aura that will cast Venomous Spike Trap Effect on the first NPC that enters the area of effect.
Venomous Spike Trap Effect

is an upgrade of Poison Spikes (8472). It is a 5-tick DoT, adds poison counters, and slows movement rate. It is resisted by poison.
Spell Evasion Discipline

A level 97 upgrade of Spelldodge Discipline (10889-10891). All three ranks have the same endurance cost. It provides a 100% chance to resist spells and adds a feedback effect for 60 seconds. It has a 10 minute refresh on timer 1.. This effect will work on up to 2 incoming spells before fading. It has a hate override of 1.
Fatal Aim Discipline

A level 98 upgrade of Fatal Aim Discipline (6196). It increases throwing damage and adds Fatal Aim Effect as a ranged proc. It has a 20 minute refresh on timer 6. It has a hate override of 1.
Fatal Aim Effect

is an upgrade of Poison DD Effect (6205). It is a direct damage spell that deals damage. It is resisted by poison.
Aspbleeder Discipline

A new level 99 discipline. It can be found under Disciplines->Timer 14. It adds damage to poison spells that are cast by the rogue. It has a hate override of 1. These spells must have a minimum level over 250 (either AA or proc spells) and a maximum mana cost of 0. It lasts 10 ticks and has a 10 minute refresh on timer 14.
Executioner Discipline

A level 100 upgrade of Assassin Discipline (10898-10900). It has a 22 minute refresh on timer 2. It has a hate override of 1. It has a skill damage mod (all skills) and a Minimum damage done mod (all skills).