Enchanter AA's

Soothing Words 4-6

Through use of this ability, you can soothe an angry creature, greatly reducing how angry it is with its current target. This ability will only function if the person the creature is most angry with is in your group or raid.
Bite of Tashini 1-2

The ability, when activated, has a chance to make all enemies within a small radius less resistant to magical attacks for a short time.
Clinging Root 6-8

Provides a reduced chance for your root spells to break when an NPC is struck by a non melee attack.
Forceful Banishment 4-6

This passive ability improves your chance of banishing your enemies when you use your Beguilers Banishment abilities. Additional ranks further improve your success rates.
Hastened Self Stasis 4-6

This passive ability reduces the reuse timer on your Self Stasis ability by one minute per rank.
Hastened Edict of Command 7-9

This passive ability will reduce the time between uses of your Edict of Command ability by three minutes per rank
Rune of Banishment 1-3

While this rune is active anything that attacks the enchanter will have a chance to be forced away and rooted. Additional ranks increase the chance that the effect will proc while also increasing the amount of damage the rune absorbs.
Hastened Glyph Spray 1-3

This passive ability will reduce the time between uses of your Glyph Spray ability to two minutes per rank.
Illusions of Grandeur

This passive ability increases your chance to land critical hits with both your direct damage and DoT spells, while also increasing the damage they do.
Illusory Ally 1-3

Allows the Enchanter to summon a mirror of themselves that will generate a large amount of hate for a short period of time.
Gracious Gift of Mana

When casting a hostile spell, this passive ability provides a chance to clear your groupís mind, making their next spell cost zero mana.
Chromatic Haze 1-3

When activated, this ability will cloak your group in chromatic magic, allowing their next instant detrimental spell to crit for greater damage. Additional ranks increase the critical damage.
Blanket of Forgetfulness

This ability grants you an additional version of your Blanket of Forgetfulness spell.
Ethereal Manipulation 1-3

This ability increases a targets vulnerability to Wizard Ethereal direct damage spells. Additional ranks increase that vulnerability.
Quick Mezz 1-3

This passive ability decreases the cast time of your mesmerize spells by 10 percent per rank.
Reactive Rune 1-3

Places protective runes around the Enchanterís group which will trigger a damage absorption rune when the target takes a significant amount of spell or melee damage.

Enchanter Spells and Disciplines

Chromatic Percussion

A level 96 upgrade of Chromatic Flash (30020-30022). It deals damage and trigger-casts Chromatic Percussion Reverberation on the targets target.
Chromatic Percussion Reverberation

is a new spell that absorbs damage.
Runic Radiance Aura

A level 97 upgrade of Runic Glow Aura (30075-30077). An aura that puts Runic Radiance Aura Effect on the casters group when they enter the aura.
Runic Radiance Aura Effect

is an upgrade of Runic Glow Aura Effect (30078-30080). It will absorb a portion of melee damage that exceeds an amount of damage up to a total. It has a negative hate override.
Amplifying Aura

A new level 98 spell. It can be found under Auras->Spell Focus. An aura that puts Amplifying Aura Effect on the casters group when they enter the aura.
Amplifying Aura Effect

is a new spell. It increases the base effects of direct damage spells (but not DoTs) by 4 percent. It will only work on spells up to level 100 that cost more than 10 mana. It fades after being used so many times.
Umbral Auspice

A new level 99 spell. It can be found under Utility Beneficial->Rune. It has a negative hate modifier. It has a 24 second recast time on timer 10. It consumes a Peridot when cast. It places a buff on the target that absorbs a portion of incoming melee damage up to a total. It will only absorb damage from melee hits that exceed a certain amount.
Perilous Disorientation

A new level 100 spell. It is a PBAE mesmerization spell, it is longer than the standard PBAE mez (Disorientation, 36178-80, already live), but reflects Perilous Disorientation Chance on the caster for each NPC that it hits. It shares timer 5 with Disorientation. It is resisted by Magic. It can not be cast if you are at less than 10% of your maximum mana.
Perilous Disorientation Chance

is a self-targeted spell that has a chance to cast Perilous Disorientation Reprisal on the caster. It should be unresistable.
Perilous Disorientation Reprisal

is a self-targeted spell that drains mana. It should be unresistable.