Beastlord AA's

Shielding of Spirits 1-3

This passive ability grants you a small chance to resist attacks which would otherwise stun you. Each rank increases the chance to avoid being stunned.
Quickened Focused Paragon of Spirit 2-3

Upgrade to Quickened Focused Paragon of Spirit
Steadfast Resolve 4-6

Upgrade to Steadfast Resolve
Playing Possum 3

Upgrade to Playing Possum
Bestial Bloodrage 4

Upgrade to Bestial Bloodrage
Extended Bloodlust 1

This passive ability extends the duration of Bloodlust by 1 tick per rank.
Quickened Feralgia 1-3

This passive ability reduces the cast time of your Feralgia abilities by 10 percent per rank.
Hastened Empathic Fury 4-6

Upgrade to Hastened Empathic Fury
Hastened Bestial Alignment 5

Upgrade to Hastened Bestial Alignment
Shas Reprisal 1

This ability slows the combat speed of your targeted enemy for a short time.
Spell Casting Mastery 4

Upgrade to Spell Casting Mastery
Consumption of Spirit 1

This ability will give the caster the ability to consume their own health in trade for replenishing their mana.
Frenzied Swipe 1

This ability reduces the reuse timer on Feral Swipe to 1 second for a short period of time.
Hastened Mass Group Buff 4-6

Upgrade to Hastened Mass Group Buff
Quickened Focused Paragon of Spirit 1

This passive ability reduces the cast time of Focused Paragon of Spirit by 10 percent per rank.
Hastened Forceful Rejuvenation 7

Upgrade to Hastened Forceful Rejuvenation
Twinproc 6

Upgrade to Twinproc

Beastlord Spells and Disciplines

Auspice of Shadows

A new level 96 Magician spell that is shared with Beastlords. It can be found under Pet->Block. It has a 48-second refresh on timer 16. It will absorb a limited amount of damage from the next 4 melee or spell hits that the pet takes.
Natural Cooperation

A level 96 upgrade of Natural Collaboration (30247-30249). It can be found under Utility Beneficial->Misc. It is a self-buff that will cast Forecasted Aid on the users pet when they get a kill-shot on a mob. The chance to cast Forecasted Aid will drop as the mobs level drops below level 95.
Forecasted Aid

An upgrade of Forecasted Aid (30393-30395). It is a stoneskin effect (this part was not upgraded intentionally) that will cast Companions Aid on the pet when it breaks due to damage taken.
Companions Aid

An upgrade of Companions Aid (30250-30252). It is a heal over time for the pet. Unlike its predecessor, it has the HoT in slot 2, which should prevent it from overwriting the AA effect Bestial Bloodrage (spell 23695 and others).
Withering Bite

A new level 97 spell. It is a pet proc buff that can be found under Pet->Pet Misc Buffs. It is a companion line to the Spirit of Nak line (36413-15) and will not stack with it. It gives the casters pet a chance to proc Withering Strike (36468-70). This chance will decrease as the pets targets drop below level 75.
Withering Strike

A pet proc spell that cripples the target, reducing their AGI, STR, and AC for 4 ticks. It has a negative hate modifier. It is resisted by Magic. It reflects Prism Skin (5127) on the caster.
Edoths Chill

A new level 99 spell. It is a cold DoT that can be found under Damage Over Time->Cold. Like Asp Blood (36340-43), it has an instant cast time, but a 3 second recovery time. It is a DD + DoT.
Naks Maelstrom

A level 100 direct damage spell that triggers three types of damage strikes (36480-88) once and a chance spell (36477-79) once. It can be found under Direct Damage->Disease and Direct Damage->Poison. It is on timer 15. Though it is an upgrade of Bales Maelstrom (30350-52), it no longer has a doom component and all damage is dealt at the same time.
Naks Maelstrom Chance

has a 33 percent chance to cast Naks Poison Strike (36480-82), a 33 percent chance to cast Naks Disease Strike (36483-85), and a 34 percent chance to cast Naks Ice Strike (36486-88).
Naks Poison Strike

is a poison DD spell
Naks Disease Strike

is a disease DD spell.
Naks Ice Strike

is an ice DD spell.
Reflexive Rending

A new level 100 skill attack. It can be found under Combat Abilities->Offensive. It has a 10 minute refresh on timer 18. It deals four hand-to-hand skill attacks (Lowered damage in PvP) and reflects Reflected Rending on the casters group.
Reflected Rending

A group spell that restores endurance for each member. It does not focus.