10/5/2012 Today we get another small preview of whats to come in Rain of Fear! Phathom set a new screen shot as his Twitter background. The screen shot can be seen in our Rain of Fear Screen Shots section. In this screen shot, you can clearly see a ramp leading up to the trees mouth. Is this possible a zone line to a new Rain of Fear zone?
10/2/2012 And now the player signups for Rain of Fear beta are open! Good luck to everyone who enters! Click here to sign up!
10/2/2012 Beta signups for Guilds opened today! Click here to see the signup thread on the EQ forums.
9/20/2012 SOE tweeted the following, maybe a hint for the upcoming expansion? "Anyone know where the burned woods are this week?"
9/19/2012 Today SOE withdrew their November 28th release date for Rain of Fear, and simply replaced it with "launches in November". More info Here
9/17/2012 November 28th release date confirmed: https://www.soe.com/soelive/lineup.vm
9/11/2012 We stumbled upon this screen shot tonight on Ngreth's Twitter. Possibly from RoF beta?
9/7/2012 Phathom posted this on his Twitter: "wow! You will be able to hand in stacks of items to NPCs FINALLY ! Woohoo!". Hidden expansion feature, or soon to come? Update: This feature was patched to the Test server on 9/12/2012. We expect this feature to hit live servers soon!
9/06/2012 SOE announces EverQuests 19th expansion, Rain of Fear. They tease us with 2 screen shots, and a list of (vague) highlights.


Rain of Fear continues an exciting storyline that started two years ago with the mysterious House of Thule Expansion, and continued in Veil of Alaris.

You will uncover the mysteries of the giant crystals that have fallen to Norrath, explore newly discovered lands, revisit the frozen wastes of Velious, and battle old foes empowered by shards, confront them and reclaim the power of fear.

  • Level cap increase from 95 to 100 - Achieve a new max level of 100 and set a new standard of gameplay.

  • Hunter System - Gain special rewards and titles for defeating large numbers of foes.

  • Aggro Meter - A brand new tool to help better manage your aggro. You can now see your aggro level relative to your group.

  • Collection System - Discover items throughout Norrath and collect sets for exciting rewards and titles.

  • Improved Brokering System - Sell items in the Bazaar while being offline! More flexibility as a buyer to search and purchase from anywhere in the world.

  • New Linear Item Progression - Stats on armor collected will increase as you move up from one tier to another.

  • Customization with non-visible armor - All non-visible armor in Rain of Fear can be worn by all. You'll be able to customize your stats for every encounter.

  • Class-specific stat distribution - Collect items that are designed specifically for each classes' abilities.

  • More than 1800 New Spells (Ranks 1, 2 & 3) - Exponentially add to your spell arsenal.

  • More than 550 AAs - Elevate your power and abilities like never before.

  • More than 3500 New Items - Create your own identity with thousands of new items.

  • More than 3000 New Tradeskill recipes - Increase your value across Norrath by creating items only available by your craftsmanship.

  • More than 110 Quests - Challenge your skills and gather useful loot.

  • 13 Raids - Collect valuable rewards from all new adventures.

  • 9 Zones - Be the first to discover untouched lands of Norrath.

  • 19 Missions - Experience intriguing lore and immersive Missions.

  • Continued opportunity to kill off Halflings.

  • Legends of Norrath - 5 Digital Booster Packs.